Sequencing and Assembly

DateAuthorsTitleVersionSynopsisDetailed report
17th August, 2022Abdoallah Sharaf, Slimane Khayi, Ange Zoclanclounon, Rose A. MarksSequencing and Assembly Sub-Committee (SASC) Roadmap Document0.2The African BioGenome Project (AfricaBP) is ready to enter its pilot phase. AfricaBP aims to sequence and assemble complete genomes of 105,000 eukaryotic species of economic, ecological, scientific, and cultural importance across the African continent and associated islands over the next ten years. These species will include vertebrates, invertebrates, plants, macroalgae, fungi, and eukaryotic microbes. These genomes will be incorporated into the Earth BioGenome Project (EBP) and will contribute to deciphering chromosomal gene evolution in eukaryotes. This is the first project within Africa that aims to sequence this number of species. Limited sequencing and computational facilities in Africa represent a different order of challenges for us as the Sequencing and Assembly Sub-Committee (SASC). To find solutions to these issues, there is a need to create a sketch that allows us to have a reference point as we also unearth the constrained situations of these countries.Click PDF file to view detailed report
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