Sample Collection and Processing

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25th July, 2022Verena Ras, Alan Buddie, Joseph Kirangwa, Katali Kirungi BendaSample Collection and Processing Sub-committee Terms of Reference0.9This document provides a summary and outline of the main terms of reference (ToR) and standards of the Sample Collection and Processing Sub-committee of the African BioGenome Pilot Project. The document provides broad guidance around ethical collecting, metadata standards and how to preserve and process samples and, should be referenced whenever a sample is intended to be submitted to the project. The document contains specifications for a large range of phyla and taxa and as such may need some ongoing improvement. It is likely to grow, be refined or changed completely as we progress with the Pilot Project and obtain greater knowledge and experience with various taxonomic groups. The Terms of Reference will thus gradually be refined and host increasing information and resources as the project matures. Should you wish to contribute to these guidelines, please contact the Sample Collection and Processing Sub-committee here.Click PDF file to view detailed report
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