DateAuthorsTitleVersionSynopsisDetailed report
4 November, 2022Taiwo Crossby Omotoriogun, Yedomon Ange Bovys Zoclanclounon, Sadik Muzemil,
Yasmina Jaufeerally-Fakim, Girish Beedessee, Andrew Ndhlovu, Blessing Adanta Odogwu, Anisah Ghoorah, Harish Kothandaraman
African BioGenome Project Roadmap for Genome Annotation0.9

The African BioGenome Project (AfricaBP) is an ambitious project aimed at generating high-quality genomes of 2500 African species in three years to improve biodiversity protection, food security and environmental health in Africa. The project will be led and implemented by African researchers in collaboration with international partners. This document compiles the state-of-the-art genome annotation practices and resources that will be used to guide genome annotation workflow and setting data standards for the AfricaBP. In addition, the document is part of a suite of documents from various AfricaBP sub-committees to serve as guidelines and training resources for researchers who may wish to gain knowledge about the topic.

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